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How likely would you be to recommend The Digital-First Customer Experience to a friend or colleague?0 Very Unlikely to 10 Very Likely
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Very Likely
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For each of the Seven Design Strategy chapters, please rate the QUALITY of the content provided
Achieve emotional peaks across channels, finishing strong (Lemonade)
Create a personalization flywheel that grows customer engagement (Spotify)
Strengthen customer commitment by providing choice and control (CEMEX)
Foster ownership through customer community and co-creation (VMware)
Inspire rituals that create shared meaning (Starbucks)
Empower customers through immersive experiences (Nike)
Link digital assets to leverage value over cost (Amazon Retail)
For each of the Four Playbook chapters, please rate it's RELEVANCE to your work
Start by solving the right problems
Build your business case
The design process
Execute to scale
What did you find MOST VALUABLE in reading The Digital-First Customer Experience? 
What did you find LEAST VALUABLE in reading The Digital-First Customer Experience?
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